turning CNC

The machining of internal and external surfaces of elements that have shapes of rotational solids is most often performed in the process of CNC turning. Using this method, however, it is also possible to obtain other shapes. It consists in the fact that the material being processed rotates, and the turning tool at this time makes a flat motion.

CNC turning is one of the most popular methods of metalworking and is applicable both in the case of objects with the shape of a rotary body (most often), as well as other shapes (less frequently). During this process, which takes place in a specialized lathe, the workpiece is rotated, and the auxiliary tool performs additional motion. The lathe is a very functional device equipped with specialized equipment, such as a drill bit or a turning tool, and allows you to process any surface of the object – both internal and internal. The axis of rotation can be placed vertically and horizontally. The whole process has many varieties, because it can occur in a variety of conditions.